My knees hurt!

Yesterday I started Week 8, Day 1 of Couch to 10K.  OUCH!  It was 69 minutes in length and included 10 intervals of running 5 minutes, then walking 1 minute.  My knees are killin’ me today, but the good news is that I completed the workout and as of this morning down 15.8 lb!  (Only 26.3 lb. more to go LOL).  I might do the bike or ellipitcal today to give my knees a different kind of work out.  I hope you are all feeling great about your successes, too! – Pape-a-nator!


It’s Working!

We have begun week 7!  As far as weight loss, I’m down about 14 lb. (almost 2 lb / week).  I’m even more anxious to lose the rest (about 28 lb) so that I can enjoy last year’s summer clothing, my pool and desired confidence.  My pool opens May 11th so this weight must go! 

Couch to 10k is going well.  Besides some pain in my thighs from yesterday’s workout, my stamina, stride and time are improving!  Keep it up, Losers!

Welcome back, Clothing

I would like to welcome two golf shirts back into my wardrobe.  American Eagle, Vintage Fit, Size L.  It’s been a while; welcome home.

Meanwhile, I’ve got about two weeks worth of dress shirts that are so, so close to fitting.  Next week there’s no P90x strength workouts scheduled, so I’ll be devoting the entire week to cardio (running) and getting lean.  I have but one thing to say to those shirts:



Week 6 and Pumped!

Today is the first day of week 6!  As I think you all know by now, I am motivated by the scale.  I weighed at the office this morning and am down 10.2 lb.  I’ve completed week five of Couch to 10K and added some biking into my routine.  My family and I all got new bikes yesterday and so Jonathan (my 13 yo) and I hit the W&OD and went 7 miles… I leave for Chicago June 30th… my sights are on this!

Day 31 – Back & Biceps

Phase 1 did not prepare me for this morning.

This punishing workout goes: Pullup, bicep, row, bicep.  Then repeat that 6 times.  What makes this challenging is that those muscles are all closely connected.  Unlike Chest and Back (the most equivalent workout in Phase 1) in which you push and pull, today’s workout is nothing but pulling. By the end I was wrecked.  On other days I’ve done close to 50 pullups in a workout.  Today: 22

Let me show you how bad it got.  Here’s a screenshot of the last pullup set in my workout tracker:

You see that red background?  That’s how I record that my form was poor.  It took two tries to even get that out of me.

Now for the good news: I did every exercise in this workout; I’ve never been capable of that before.

A slower start than hoped but encouraged!

Today I weighed in at home and was pleasantly surprised, however, at the end of the day, did not eat well (stress (4 kids) got the best of me).  So to counter my negative thoughts, I decided to measure myself and was pleased with results.  The following are my inches lost:

arms – .25 inches each
thigh – .50 inches each
calves – .50 each
waist – 2.25 inches!

That’s a total of 4.75 inches!!!! Yay me.  The scale as of yesterday says I’ve lost a total of about 8 lb…Tomorrow is day two of week five of Couch to 10K…. the running feels great… have some knee pain from monday/tuesday run but will get past that once some of this weight drops!

One-Month Winners Announced

Congratulations to Steve Hartzog, who crushed it with 12.9 lbs lost and 6.68% body weight lost.

Runner up % lost is Dave Stevenson with 3.8% lost.

Enjoy your trophies.  I’ll continue to run two-week checkins until the three-month checkin on 6/11.

Thanks to everyone who’s participated so far.

Day 29 – Chest, Shoulder & Triceps

Phase 2 has begun!

The workout today has lots of dynamic pushups: clapping, side-walking, balance, one-handed, etc.  They’re hard for me and I’m hoping I will adjust quickly.  To give you an idea, I was doing sets of 11 pushups in the Phase 1 chest workout.  This time I’m putting up, in some cases, only 4 pushups.

So the good news is there’s lots of room for improvement.

The diet remains hard.  It’s always been the most difficult part for me.  I’ve got lots of motivation left, though, so I’ll try to tighten it up.  I’m trying something a little different this phase, so we’ll see how that goes.

Overall, I’m down 3.7lbs and 1.4% bodyfat.  I’ve put on about half a pound of muscle.  Those numbers don’t quite match each other when you take into account my original weight, but they’re trending down and that’s all I care about.  I’m in this for the long haul.

Adjusting Well

Wow!  Week four almost complete.  Today was day two of week four of Couch to 10K.  I ran the W&OD today and going one direction was great, however, the return was a bit tough with some winds.  I had a good amount of energy (maybe from the serving of Brach’s jelly beans!) and finished strong.  I’ve been home all week with the kids and was nervous I’d overeat but I’ve been really sticking to plan.  I’ve even cooked EVERY DAY and have not over done it!  Today is my daughter’s 5th birthday and didn’t have a cupcake…. BUT, went to a neighbors who forced me, yes, forced me to try a cake (was worth it) she made… i’m thinking I’ll recover quickly 😉  

Don’t think I’ll take a four week win, but feel like I’m losing weight… all I care about 🙂