Diet is key!

For me, it’s all about the calories. Who needs to exercise? I’ve set a goal of 1250 calories… so exercise will be nigh impossible. Don’t worry I’ve done this diet before. 🙂

Basically, I eat WHATEVER I want (even candy!)… as long as it totals only 1250 calories per day. I try to stay under 300-400 per main meal, and 100 per snack (which for peanut m&m’s means 1/2 a pack). Incidentally, I eat every 2 hrs (or try to). Tilapia (a very low calorie fish) and broccoli for dinner is my favorite meal on this diet.

Today, the first day, I weighed 193.x lbs. My goal is 165 pounds (or 155 would be better – for reference I was 95 when I graduated hs, so this is REALLY killing my back). I have eaten so far:

90cal: Rice Krispie treat
80cal: Fruit Snacks
120cal: Chocolate and Vanilla Pudding
210cal: Lunch – Root Beer and Beef Jerky
120cal: Animal Crackers
So According to my app (MyFitnessPal) that’s 660 so far, with 590 to go. I’ll have one more snack before dinner… probably my orange slice cup @ 80 cal’s. So, 510 for dinner! That’s a bigger dinner than I anticipated, but that’s fine (that just means more butter on my broccoli). 🙂


2 thoughts on “Diet is key!

  1. So you’re talking 30 pounds for the 3 months right? Or are you gonna try to go stupid crazy and do that in the 1 month? 🙂

  2. Maybe I will make it in a month, but more likely 1.5-2mos. I just target the calories and let my body lose weight till it plateaus (probably at 162). 😦 Then I tack on a 100 extra calories per day (move to 1350, then 1450… which is normal enough for me to start cardio).

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