Calories for Apple Spice Junction Meals

Apparently, our cafe across the hall actually provides an approximate calorie count for their whole menu! For instance the Caesar Salad is 245 cal (for the whole thing?):


2 thoughts on “Calories for Apple Spice Junction Meals

  1. Know that the Tortilla Soup is NOT accurate; confirmed with one of the employees. It is milk based and much higher than recorded. (I’m not a fan of Apple Spice, anyway).

    • I guess I’ll be skipping that one (or any of their soups for now). It’s the Caesar Salad for me, with only HALF of the Caesar dressing (~ 2tbsp’s == 166cal’s on top of the 240, or ~ 406 calories), split between 3 separate 2 hour eating times… my BMR must be off the charts! (AND I was a few hundred under my calorie target yesterday.) 🙂

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