Day 01 and off the Couch!

Hi losers!  I went to bed hungry with a headache, BUT day one was a success.  Logged about 1100 calories on myfitnesspal (jeniferep is my username) and completed day one of couch to 10k.  I wanted to dismiss the workout because I am intimidated by my new neighborhood for two reasons; the hills and the deer (there are 20+ that roam my hood).  My jogging playlist was inspirational (a lot of Exodus and sprinkle of Gin Blossoms and TobyMac) and the views beautiful. I took my “before” photo (and will hopefully never have to do that again!) and am ready to WIN.


2 thoughts on “Day 01 and off the Couch!

  1. I haven’t been counting calories (although I definitely should!), but I have been working out in the morning which is a great change to the evening because it puts me in a much more energized mood before work. Today I ran a mile, did a little weight lifting, 30 sit-ups, and 100 crunches. I can’t see the results yet, so I’ll have to keep at it… I’ve noticed that the bicycle gives me a better leg and core work out than the leg machines or tredmil.

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