Over Zealous

I completed week 1, day 3 of Couch to 10k… just now.  When I arrived at the office gym, I saw a familiar face.  A familiar face that, last time saw me, saw that I could run 5 miles EASY.  So, I proudly thought…OK, let’s just run 3 miles and see how I feel.  Afterall, I didn’t want to look like I’ve let myself go.  WRONG!  I got to three minutes and thought I was going to die.  So I had to talk myself down and stick to the plan… Accompanied by Ellen on the tube (I guess tubes don’t exist anymore), Queen, Michael Jackson and Katy Perry (to name a few) on the iPod, I stuck to plan…

Tomorrow, if time permits, I’m going to hit the W&OD near my house; maybe walk from P’ville to Hamilton. 

Rock on, Losers!  Let’s keep moving…


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