Day 08 – Chest & Back

Whenever I do a set and I’m physically incapable of finishing a rep (i.e. I fall down) I mark the number down in red. And, oh man, so many red numbers in the second round of today’s workout.  66% of the sets in the second round were to failure.

Results: my total pushups for the workout compared to last week went from 77 to 91 and pullups went from 26 to 27.  There wasn’t much improvement in pullups because 48 hours ago I did 37 pullups; I don’t think I left enough recovery time in there.


One thought on “Day 08 – Chest & Back

  1. Man, that’s a lot of push ups … and pull ups … I’m impressed! Great idea on red-marking them. I definitely need to start pushing to failure.

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