Day 12 – Legs & Back

This workout was incredibly difficult.  I don’t know what was different this time compared to the last time I did this workout, or any of the other times I’ve done it.  All I know is that I was wiped out about halfway through.

There’s a typical pattern in my workouts: Enthusiasm at first, then I do a few sets and it’s hard and I see how long I have to go, then my second wind kicks in and I’m ready to go. Sometimes I’m disappointed when the workout is over.

That was not the case this time.

I hit my aerobic threshold almost immediately.  I wish I knew what was different this time (this ain’t my first time at the rodeo), but one of the early exercises wiped me out.  The rest of the workout was me gasping, hitting pause to recover, and questioning whether I wanted to continue.

Strangely enough, the thing that kept me going was visualizing what my charts were going to look like.  The lines must go up!  The least I will accept is my previous best!


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