Day 17 – Shoulders & Arms

I’m loving going downstairs and doing my workouts.

Today I was definitely pushing myself.  Almost every workout got a bump in weight or reps.  I was trying to pick weights I couldn’t do 11 reps with.  I was mostly successful.

I expect my strength progress to slow or plateau soon.  This is my last time doing this workout for 6 weeks.  Phase 2 of P90X has me doing different workouts for chest & back and shoulders & arms.  (Legs & back, my bane, isn’t going anywhere.  Thankfully?)

I’ve got one last strength workout on Saturday, then I’m in my recovery week, which is stretching and cardio.  I don’t enjoy cardio, so I’m hoping I have the motivation to go downstairs during that week.  I want to keep my momentum going.


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