Adjusting Well

Wow!  Week four almost complete.  Today was day two of week four of Couch to 10K.  I ran the W&OD today and going one direction was great, however, the return was a bit tough with some winds.  I had a good amount of energy (maybe from the serving of Brach’s jelly beans!) and finished strong.  I’ve been home all week with the kids and was nervous I’d overeat but I’ve been really sticking to plan.  I’ve even cooked EVERY DAY and have not over done it!  Today is my daughter’s 5th birthday and didn’t have a cupcake…. BUT, went to a neighbors who forced me, yes, forced me to try a cake (was worth it) she made… i’m thinking I’ll recover quickly 😉  

Don’t think I’ll take a four week win, but feel like I’m losing weight… all I care about 🙂


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