one week down

okay, so one week down and i figured i’d share my experiences. i started slowly so i didn’t over-do anything…

monday included drinking more water than usual, cutting back on soda/caffeine and eating pretty well… except when it came to the evening. a friend recently had a birthday and well… a big piece of carrot cake was just too tempting. but considering it was day 1 and i was just getting into the groove i didn’t give myself too much grief.

tuesday was even more water and only a single soda (as opposed to my typical 5-10) and managing to avoid a late night snack.

i feel pretty good about the rest of the week. each day was a combination of either low far cottage cheese & yogurt, tuna & brown rise or simply a meal replacement shake.

the weekend was pretty much the same except that i allowed myself a real lunch each day although i have to admit that i was pretty darn close to ordering some dominos last night.

all in all i’m pretty happy