Welcome back, Clothing

I would like to welcome two golf shirts back into my wardrobe.  American Eagle, Vintage Fit, Size L.  It’s been a while; welcome home.

Meanwhile, I’ve got about two weeks worth of dress shirts that are so, so close to fitting.  Next week there’s no P90x strength workouts scheduled, so I’ll be devoting the entire week to cardio (running) and getting lean.  I have but one thing to say to those shirts:




One-Month Winners Announced

Congratulations to Steve Hartzog, who crushed it with 12.9 lbs lost and 6.68% body weight lost.

Runner up % lost is Dave Stevenson with 3.8% lost.

Enjoy your trophies.  I’ll continue to run two-week checkins until the three-month checkin on 6/11.

Thanks to everyone who’s participated so far.

Week 2 Winners Announced

Congratulations to Katherine Precht, who swept the 2-week checkin with both the most weight lost and the highest %.  She received the medal for her astounding 8.4lb loss.

The % weight loss medal went to runner-up Steve Hartzog for an impressive 4.04% loss in bodyweight.