My knees hurt!

Yesterday I started Week 8, Day 1 of Couch to 10K.  OUCH!  It was 69 minutes in length and included 10 intervals of running 5 minutes, then walking 1 minute.  My knees are killin’ me today, but the good news is that I completed the workout and as of this morning down 15.8 lb!  (Only 26.3 lb. more to go LOL).  I might do the bike or ellipitcal today to give my knees a different kind of work out.  I hope you are all feeling great about your successes, too! – Pape-a-nator!


It’s Working!

We have begun week 7!  As far as weight loss, I’m down about 14 lb. (almost 2 lb / week).  I’m even more anxious to lose the rest (about 28 lb) so that I can enjoy last year’s summer clothing, my pool and desired confidence.  My pool opens May 11th so this weight must go! 

Couch to 10k is going well.  Besides some pain in my thighs from yesterday’s workout, my stamina, stride and time are improving!  Keep it up, Losers!

Adjusting Well

Wow!  Week four almost complete.  Today was day two of week four of Couch to 10K.  I ran the W&OD today and going one direction was great, however, the return was a bit tough with some winds.  I had a good amount of energy (maybe from the serving of Brach’s jelly beans!) and finished strong.  I’ve been home all week with the kids and was nervous I’d overeat but I’ve been really sticking to plan.  I’ve even cooked EVERY DAY and have not over done it!  Today is my daughter’s 5th birthday and didn’t have a cupcake…. BUT, went to a neighbors who forced me, yes, forced me to try a cake (was worth it) she made… i’m thinking I’ll recover quickly 😉  

Don’t think I’ll take a four week win, but feel like I’m losing weight… all I care about 🙂

Plugging Along

I’m happy to report that my jogging is getting easier.  Today I went to the gym at work; about 4:15 p.m.  No one was there so I felt relaxed and the black eyed peas kept me company.  I was able to complete longer intervals and my stride was strong … made my day!  I have to keep plugging along…

My husband suggested we go “home” (Chicago) next week and sadly my response was, “no way, I’m much heavier than when everyone saw me last”… a reminder I must keep plugging along… even though some Chicago Pizza is VERY tempting!  🙂

So, I will work towards a July visit as my goal; perhaps in time for Summer Fest in Milwaukee!  Must keep plugging along…

See you at the office!

Hunger Games and Hungry Pape

Busy, busy day… After taking three girls shopping for Summer clothes, I was determined to fit in Day 1 of Week 3 of my couch program.  It was 60 minutes in length but I did it… It was raining pretty hard so I had to run inside in the basement.  I finished just in time to shower and take my son to the movies; Hunger Games (wouldn’t have gone if it weren’t for my son).  I am starving today, I admit… I was out all day and didn’t want to subject myself to popcorn (my favorite snack) or McDonald’s so I waited and of course, eating too late 🙂  (but eating light).

Enjoy your Sunday and see you Monday, Losers!

Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Tonight I completed week two of Couch to 10k.  I intended to complete my workout at work but got caught up in meetings and other things.  I thought, I’ll just run at home.   By the time I got there, it was 6:35 p.m. and I really wanted to just pass.  But NO!  I went for it.  It was a fantastic workout.  Something about the weather, the smells in the air, the sun setting and a gentle cool breeze was just what the doctor ordered!  I blasted my music (a lot of great Queen tonight) and even went further and longer than planned.  My goal is to run both Saturday and Sunday and so I’m praying I can fit it in with all going on!!!

Keep plugging away, losers!

8 Weeks to a Better Body

If you’re looking for a really good workout plan for the gym, this is one I LOVE! It’s great whether you’re a seasoned veteran stuck on auto-pilot or just starting out and need some direction.

It works on the premise that you’ve got to keep hitting your body with something different or else it gets used to common movements and doesn’t improve. So the first week is Circuit Training, second week is Heavy Sets, third week is High Reps (or Light Sets), fourth is Supersets, and then back ’round again but it takes it all up a notch.

Here’s a link to download the program:
8 Weeks to a Better Body

You’ll see that it scopes out exactly what to work on each day. For specs on what’s involved in Circuit Training, Heavy Sets, etc. there’s info at the bottom of page 3. I got all this from Muscle & Fitness Hers so rep counts are tailored for women.

Guys can use the same program, just reduce the reps as follows:
• 10-12 max for Circuit and Supersets
• 6-8 max for Heavy
• 12-15 max for High Reps

Checkboxes are there so you can chart your progress. Put this somewhere you’ll see it (ie. your fridge) and as you start checking off boxes, you’ll want to keep the flow going. Helps you stick with the program if you can see it.

For the different kinds of exercises you can do, is a great resource with detailed instructions and videos: View Exercises Here

Click any exercise and there are tabs at the top, too, for Male and Female.


ps. If you need a good gym nearby, I go to the Gold’s Gym down the road at Clocktower. I think membership right now is $29.99/month. It’s open 24 hrs a day and awesome.

Energy All Day

Okay, it’s 9:30 pm and I’m bustin’ with energy that hasn’t stopped since this morning … I swear I could go out and run right now! Haven’t contributed yet to this blog so figured it’s as good a time as any and I could share what I’m doing.

Up this morning and downed a mixture of C4 Extreme and Ionix Supreme. Both are serious energy boosters on their own but, wow, combine them and it’s like some kind of chemical explosion … minus the chemicals. ; )  Check out the write-up on C4. The guy isn’t kidding. You know, about wanting to do more sets, hit extra body parts, etc. Went running this morning then hit the gym afterwards. Worked back and biceps then had a crazy urge to do legs, too, but was crunchin’ on time so had to leave that for another day.

Grabbed a recovery drink on the way to work — IsaPro + IsaCalcium. The whey in the IsaPro is undenatured meaning the enzymes that help you absorb protein aren’t killed off in the production process and you get a lot more of the good stuff in your system. Lot better than most stuff out there. All this Isa stuff is from a nutrition program I’ve been on. Lost 10 lbs. in the first 10 days so it really works. Highly recommend it!

Lunch was a normal lunch. Stuff I brought from home. Healthier that way. If you stay 400-600 calories on that you’re really good. Dinner was a protein shake. IsaLean Vanilla + some canned peaches = peaches n’ cream … Dee-lish!

And that’s it! I think energizing up in the morning — on an empty stomach so your system absorbs it all like a sponge — is pretty key. And then eating clean and staying active. Today a couple of us went and grabbed a walk around the grounds. That so helped with the midday I’m-sick-of-sitting-at-my-desk syndrome. We need to do it more. Any takers?

Oh, and I’ve been eating dinner (my shake) by 6:00pm so that gives my body a good long time to burn off what’s in my belly and start working on stored fat. Of course, drink lots of water through the day. Keeps the machine rolling and helps clean you out. Taking a good multivitamin each day is also pretty important.

K, that’s my 2-cents. Rock on!

Week 02, Day 02 Couch

I’m taking full advantage of this blog!  It does keep me going (along with myfitnesspal and two of my three sisters) … I completed Week 02, Day 02 of Couch to 10K today and it felt pretty good.  The work gym was pretty crowded so I was a bit intimidated.  So far, my ankles don’t hurt, but I’ll see how I feel when I wake up tomorrow.  Plus the treadmill probably gives more than the path??  I’m going to use my lunch tomorrow and walk W&OD. 

Generally, I’ve been eating OK and staying under my calorie goal. 🙂

one week down

okay, so one week down and i figured i’d share my experiences. i started slowly so i didn’t over-do anything…

monday included drinking more water than usual, cutting back on soda/caffeine and eating pretty well… except when it came to the evening. a friend recently had a birthday and well… a big piece of carrot cake was just too tempting. but considering it was day 1 and i was just getting into the groove i didn’t give myself too much grief.

tuesday was even more water and only a single soda (as opposed to my typical 5-10) and managing to avoid a late night snack.

i feel pretty good about the rest of the week. each day was a combination of either low far cottage cheese & yogurt, tuna & brown rise or simply a meal replacement shake.

the weekend was pretty much the same except that i allowed myself a real lunch each day although i have to admit that i was pretty darn close to ordering some dominos last night.

all in all i’m pretty happy