Day 31 – Back & Biceps

Phase 1 did not prepare me for this morning.

This punishing workout goes: Pullup, bicep, row, bicep.  Then repeat that 6 times.  What makes this challenging is that those muscles are all closely connected.  Unlike Chest and Back (the most equivalent workout in Phase 1) in which you push and pull, today’s workout is nothing but pulling. By the end I was wrecked.  On other days I’ve done close to 50 pullups in a workout.  Today: 22

Let me show you how bad it got.  Here’s a screenshot of the last pullup set in my workout tracker:

You see that red background?  That’s how I record that my form was poor.  It took two tries to even get that out of me.

Now for the good news: I did every exercise in this workout; I’ve never been capable of that before.