Day 15 – Chest & Back


I did this workout yesterday, I just didn’t have time to make a post.  This workout was easy.  It looks like cardio is no longer my limiting factor, at least for this exercise.  I pushed through to failure, but still had energy by the end.  I considered hopping on the elliptical for a bit, that’s how much I had left in the tank.  I had a tight schedule, otherwise I really think I would have.

Recovery was great.  I feel like I’m at 95% today.  A very tiny amount of soreness when I stretch, but that’s it.

I’m really excited by my progress.  If I can summon the willpower to head downstairs on cardio days I think my results are going to be fantastic.


8 Weeks to a Better Body

If you’re looking for a really good workout plan for the gym, this is one I LOVE! It’s great whether you’re a seasoned veteran stuck on auto-pilot or just starting out and need some direction.

It works on the premise that you’ve got to keep hitting your body with something different or else it gets used to common movements and doesn’t improve. So the first week is Circuit Training, second week is Heavy Sets, third week is High Reps (or Light Sets), fourth is Supersets, and then back ’round again but it takes it all up a notch.

Here’s a link to download the program:
8 Weeks to a Better Body

You’ll see that it scopes out exactly what to work on each day. For specs on what’s involved in Circuit Training, Heavy Sets, etc. there’s info at the bottom of page 3. I got all this from Muscle & Fitness Hers so rep counts are tailored for women.

Guys can use the same program, just reduce the reps as follows:
• 10-12 max for Circuit and Supersets
• 6-8 max for Heavy
• 12-15 max for High Reps

Checkboxes are there so you can chart your progress. Put this somewhere you’ll see it (ie. your fridge) and as you start checking off boxes, you’ll want to keep the flow going. Helps you stick with the program if you can see it.

For the different kinds of exercises you can do, is a great resource with detailed instructions and videos: View Exercises Here

Click any exercise and there are tabs at the top, too, for Male and Female.


ps. If you need a good gym nearby, I go to the Gold’s Gym down the road at Clocktower. I think membership right now is $29.99/month. It’s open 24 hrs a day and awesome.

Day 08 – Chest & Back

Whenever I do a set and I’m physically incapable of finishing a rep (i.e. I fall down) I mark the number down in red. And, oh man, so many red numbers in the second round of today’s workout.  66% of the sets in the second round were to failure.

Results: my total pushups for the workout compared to last week went from 77 to 91 and pullups went from 26 to 27.  There wasn’t much improvement in pullups because 48 hours ago I did 37 pullups; I don’t think I left enough recovery time in there.