Day 10 – Shoulders & Arms

I’m showing progress in every category, except for one, the In-Out bicep curl.  That same muscle in my left shoulder/back gets exhausted very quickly when doing standing curls.  I can also feel it when doing upright rows.

The dramatic growth in the orange line is chair dips.  I only went from 20 to 24.  Not nearly as impressive as the graph makes it look.

Progress Graph

I’m switching up my diet slightly. I’ve quietly been doing Eat. Stop. Eat. as part of my fat-loss program and am pleased with the results, not just fat loss but also in focus and energy levels. What it boils down to is that two days a week, my “fast days”, dinner is my only meal.  My fast days have been Tuesday and Thursdays, which also happen to be  strength training days.  I’d like to be able to take my supplements after a strength workout, but that would interfere with my fast.  So I’m going to switch my fast days to Monday and Wednesday.  Monday is a rest day and Wednesday is Plyo/Cardio, so those seem like good days for it.


Energy All Day

Okay, it’s 9:30 pm and I’m bustin’ with energy that hasn’t stopped since this morning … I swear I could go out and run right now! Haven’t contributed yet to this blog so figured it’s as good a time as any and I could share what I’m doing.

Up this morning and downed a mixture of C4 Extreme and Ionix Supreme. Both are serious energy boosters on their own but, wow, combine them and it’s like some kind of chemical explosion … minus the chemicals. ; )  Check out the write-up on C4. The guy isn’t kidding. You know, about wanting to do more sets, hit extra body parts, etc. Went running this morning then hit the gym afterwards. Worked back and biceps then had a crazy urge to do legs, too, but was crunchin’ on time so had to leave that for another day.

Grabbed a recovery drink on the way to work — IsaPro + IsaCalcium. The whey in the IsaPro is undenatured meaning the enzymes that help you absorb protein aren’t killed off in the production process and you get a lot more of the good stuff in your system. Lot better than most stuff out there. All this Isa stuff is from a nutrition program I’ve been on. Lost 10 lbs. in the first 10 days so it really works. Highly recommend it!

Lunch was a normal lunch. Stuff I brought from home. Healthier that way. If you stay 400-600 calories on that you’re really good. Dinner was a protein shake. IsaLean Vanilla + some canned peaches = peaches n’ cream … Dee-lish!

And that’s it! I think energizing up in the morning — on an empty stomach so your system absorbs it all like a sponge — is pretty key. And then eating clean and staying active. Today a couple of us went and grabbed a walk around the grounds. That so helped with the midday I’m-sick-of-sitting-at-my-desk syndrome. We need to do it more. Any takers?

Oh, and I’ve been eating dinner (my shake) by 6:00pm so that gives my body a good long time to burn off what’s in my belly and start working on stored fat. Of course, drink lots of water through the day. Keeps the machine rolling and helps clean you out. Taking a good multivitamin each day is also pretty important.

K, that’s my 2-cents. Rock on!

Day 08 – Chest & Back

Whenever I do a set and I’m physically incapable of finishing a rep (i.e. I fall down) I mark the number down in red. And, oh man, so many red numbers in the second round of today’s workout.  66% of the sets in the second round were to failure.

Results: my total pushups for the workout compared to last week went from 77 to 91 and pullups went from 26 to 27.  There wasn’t much improvement in pullups because 48 hours ago I did 37 pullups; I don’t think I left enough recovery time in there.

Weekend Update

After a bit of slacking (I skipped Yoga and Legs/Back on Friday and Saturday) I got back into the swing of things on Sunday and did a tremendous Back & Legs routine.  During the exercise it seemed like my cardio was getting the brunt of the workout: my legs still felt strong until the very end.  It wasn’t until this morning that I realized that that wasn’t the case.  I’m feeling it every time I stand up.

The diet is good.  I’m down 2.5lbs since this time last week.  I think this is accurate, on Thursday I was down even further, but I think that was water weight.

Day 02 – Plyometrics

I may have to switch to Cardio X.  Or maybe just be sure to do Plyo in the morning.  I was off work today so I didn’t have to immediately workout when I woke up.  So I procrastinated until the afternoon.  My knees were not happy.  I did about 20 minutes before I had to stop 😦

Good news is that my muscles are only a little sore from yesterday.  Three months ago during P90X round 3 (I’m currently on round 4, for those counting) my triceps were agony on this day.